SVQ_167 Twin picts [EN]

167) … two oil paintings from 1949 by local artist Roger GERSON (*1913, +1966) representing similar panoramic views of Diekirch are shown one at the Town Hall of Diekirch, the other at the Mount Vernon/Iowa Visitor’s Center in the US. After World War II some US-cities adopted heavily damaged places from Bulge-battlefields and helped them survive and even raise from the ground while reconstructing their houses and other facilities. Mount Vernon citizens chose to support the town of Diekirch with its 7 War orphans, namely René (*May 26, 1939) and Pierre (*Jan. 6, 1942) NOESEN, sons of Antoine NOESEN, killed on Feb. 25, 1944 at the Hinzert-camp; Pierre (*Aug. 21, 1941) and Henri (*Mar. 31, 1940) MATGEN, sons of de Valentin MATGEN, who died on Sept. 27, 1944; Colette (*July 26, 1935) and Jacqueline (*June 3, 1938) WEYLAND, daughters of Jean-Pierre WEYLAND, deceased on Dec. 3, 1945 and finally Nicole LEMMER (*May 12, 1940), daughter of Jean LEMMER, also killed on Feb. 25, 1944 at Hinzert-camp. 42 bales of clothing, shoes, sheets, soap, food and books weighing 1.261 lb, a Kodascope-projector and funds of about 500 $ were distributed in 1950 in Diekirch-town. To show his gratitude to the citizens of Mount Vernon, the mayor of Diekirch Alphonse GREISCH (* 1988, +1969) sent through his daughter Josyane (*1925, +2017), bacteriology student at the University of Champagne-Urbana/Illinois some 209 miles from Mount Vernon, this GERSON-painting currently on display at the Mount Vernon Visitor’s Center. Version française. (bp, me, cw, fg, cb, jb, jib, mb, 2020-12-12_bp)



Distribution of gifts from Mount Vernon/Iowa (USA) at the primary school premises of Diekirch town in 1950. From the left to the right: Nicolas BARTHEL (*1883; +1960), alderman; Sisy WEYLAND-SCHLIER, widow of Jean-Pierre Antoine WEYLAND (*1897, +1945); Alphonse GREISCH (*1884, +1969), mayor; Jenny PRINTZ-SCHLIER, sister of Sisy WEYLAND-SCHLIER and spouse of Charles PRINTZ, owner of bookshop-papetry PRINTZ; Andrée GREISCH, daughter of Alphonse GREISCH, sister of Josyane GREISCH and spouse of member of Luxembourg parliament and government Jean WOLTER (*1926, +1980); Félicie LANNERS (*1909,+1992), housework-teacher; Sister Consolatrix (BOCK); Mathilde FALTZ (*1917, +2013), teacher; Victor ELZ (*1905, +1975); Sister Martina (KRACK). [Photography: NN_1950; Legend: Jos HERR in Diekirch, Hier et Aujourd’hui, 1980, p. 243]


Panoramic views of the city of Diekirch near the Sauer-River (bottom), oil paintings by Roger GERSON from 1949, shown at the town hall in Diekirch (top left) and at the Mount Vernon/Iowa Visitor’s Center (top right), 55 miles from Dubuque where Diekirch sculptor Michel DEUTSCH made the funeral monument for the famous Luxembourg emigrant Nicholas GONNER. [Photographies: Diekirch Town Hall: bp_2014; Mount Vernon Visitor’s Center: Jerry L. MENNENGA_2019; Diekirch-panorama in Diekirch: bp_2016; Diekirch-panorama at Mount Vernon: Mary EVANS_2020, member of the Mount Vernon Historic Preservation Commission; GONNER-funeral monument: Jim BONERT_2019]